Camp ClassFlow Day 68:

Educators can buy or sell their original content on ClassFlow MarketplaceWhat Makes the ClassFlow Marketplace Unique?

The ClassFlow Marketplace is an open global community that allows teachers to buy and sell original educational resources, such as lessons, unit plans, assessments, teaching guides, worksheets, and more. All resources in the ClassFlow Marketplace can be delivered to students as interactive lessons in the classroom, at home, or on–the–go… for FREE!

ClassFlow’s Marketplace has been extended to include more file types and paid content – thousands of free resources will still exist! You can publish your original content making it freely available or for sale. It is possible to search and filter content in a variety of ways as well as rate and review assets to inform others. Getting started is Easy as choosing your content, setting your price and publish – then start earning.

ClassFlow Marketplace Seller Benefits:

  • Free to join as a user or seller
  • No membership fees
  • High royalty % on gross sales
  • Easy to get started
  • Set your own price or offer for free – your choice
  • Instantly receive payment for each sale – no waiting!

Get your free ClassFlow account at Check out any activities that you may have missed here.

Here is How to Publish your content to the ClassFlow Marketplace.

Read more about the ClassFlow Marketplace in this announcement.  Read More

Learn more details here: Details

BONUS: Free Teacher Tools for the new school year – Pre-assessments in the ClassFlow Marketplace:

Let’s look back on the previous 67 days of Camp ClassFlow:

Get your free ClassFlow account at and follow along!


Got Great Lessons? Sell Them!

Earn Cash for your Lessons – Sell Them on the ClassFlow MarketplaceIn the new ClassFlow Marketplace, coming soon, educators can buy and sell original educational resources such as lessons, unit plans, assessments, teaching guides, worksheets, and more.
Learn more:

Earn Extra Cash

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