Camp ClassFlow at a Glance

ClassFlow is a free collaboration software for interactive classrooms. Get your free ClassFlow account at Discover what you can do with ClassFlow. Get started today or review what you have learned. You can search or click on lessons in the list below for something specific to work on today.

Welcome to ClassFlow

Camp ClassFlow Day 1: Welcome To ClassFlowThank you for Joining us at Camp ClassFlow. See what is in store for today.

Welcome to ClassFlow

2. Creating an Assignment in ClassFlow
3. Creating Classes in ClassFlow
4. Delivering an Assignment in ClassFlow
5. Delivered Assignments in ClassFlow
6. Creating an Assessment in ClassFlow
7. Delivering an Assessment in ClassFlow
8. Delivered Assessments in ClassFlow
9. Creating a Lesson in ClassFlow
10. Bringing Lessons to Life with The All-New ClassFlow
11. Review & Practice

CampClassFlow 10 Day Review

It’s time to Review and practice what we learned in the first 10 lessons.

 Review & Practice

12. Adding Resources to a Lesson in ClassFlow
13. Adding Questions to a Lesson in ClassFlow
14. Annotations in ClassFlow Lesson Builder
15. Lesson Properties in ClassFlow
16. Delivering a Lesson in ClassFlow
17. Delivered Lessons in ClassFlow
18. Review & Practice

CampClassFlow Day 18: ReviewIt’s time to Review and practice what we learned in the first 10 lessons.

Review & Practice

19. ClassFlow: The Most Dynamic 45 Minutes of Every Student's Day
20. Teacher and Student Cards in ClassFlow
21. Card Size & Adding the Revealer to a Card in ClassFlow
22. Adding the Spotlight to a Card & Card Notes
23. Navigating & Sending Cards
24. Anchoring & Manipulating Objects on a Card
25. Assessments & Assignments & Collaborative Lessons, Oh My! Leveraging ClassFlow Student Accounts
26. Movie Time: ClassFlow Desktop
27. Rewards: Awarding & Creating Badges in ClassFlow
28. Chat with Students in ClassFlow
29. Calendar: Schedule Lessons & Assessments

Camp ClassFlow - Day 29: Calendar: Schedule Lessons & AssessmentsDay 29: Calendar


30. Creating a Course in ClassFlow
31. Delivering a Course in ClassFlow
32. Creating Clones of Objects in ClassFlow

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