Camp ClassFlow – Day 69:

More ClassFlow Training!

ClassFlow Certified Educator BadgeWe have six free courses available to participants of Camp ClassFlow.  Each of these courses will give the participant a certificate as well as a badge (micro-credential) for completion. With completion of these courses, you can also become of ClassFlow Certified Educator – Get Details Here: Link

Below is a list of the courses and the enrollment keys needed to access them. If you guys have any questions, please let us know how we can help.

These courses can be found at: See Codes below.

Go to Courses:  ClassFlow Courses

Get your free ClassFlow account at Check out any activities that you may have missed here.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 3.02.00 PMCamp ClassFlow Enrollment Codes

ClassFlow: Lesson Design – KB2U4

ClassFlow: Advanced Lesson Design – 22UM5

ClassFlow: Assessments – P7ZS4

ClassFlow: Assignments and Rubrics – XSTL7

ClassFlow: Getting Started – HSH93

ClassFlow: Collaboration – 93LY2 

ClassFlow Courses


Let’s look back on the previous 68 days of Camp ClassFlow:

Get your free ClassFlow account at and follow along!


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