Camp ClassFlow – Day 21:

Learn about the Card Sizes and how to Add the Revealer to the Teacher and Student Cards in ClassFlow. Check out any activities that you may have missed here.

We learned that you can return to your previously Delivered Lesson to resume, re-deliver, review and more. Deliver the Lesson that you have made even better by Adding Question along with Resources to the Lesson you Created or even Annotating them in Lesson Builder in ClassFlow! Since you Delivered the Assessment that you created for Your Class it is time to find out what you can do with thatDelivered Assessment! In the last 7 days you have Created an AssignmentCreated a Class, finished Delivering your Assignment and learned what you can do with Delivered Assignments! You can search and share your lessons with what you have learned about setting your Lesson Properties. Watch this video and practice what you learned using your free account at Get your free ClassFlow account at

Let’s look back on the previous 20 days of Camp ClassFlow:

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On Top of Old Smokey or On Top of Spaghetti?  🙂

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